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Hi Steve, Here's feedback and some picks to post. Once you get the position correct, fitting is a 5 min job. It takes longer to get the tools out! Once in place the catches are VERY solid. A good, very well made product. Kind regards
Darren, Surbiton, Surrey, UK
So so happy Steve ! Thank you so much. Best thing ever. I'll recommend you to everyone who has kitties.
Caryn, Bishop's Court, Cape Town.
Hi Steve That was ingenious. Thank you. Ken’s had to go out but we both wanted to say thank you for your help, for the great service from your office and for what hopefully will be the answer to our problem. We very much appreciate the time and effort put in. Best wishes,
Brenda. Camberley, Surrey, UK
Thanks Steve got the part today and its perfect. My windows are a bit odd as the property is a conservation property, built in 1919, 1st ever council properties in Scotland. So the windows open inwards instead of out, but your latch still works on them, abet with one part outside, not that that matters. Ive attached a couple of pics with the new shorter screw-latch which gived enough room for a 15lb cat to come and go as he pleases. I shall be ordering another small latch for my bedroom in the spring as they are fabulous security wise and I am singing your praises from the rooftops. Excellent product and excellent service. Please feel free to use this email for any part of your reviews and I will also trust pilot you. Cheers
Elaine, Dundee, Scotland
We have two cats and litter boxes are disgusting so we keep ours on an upper balcony here in our Hollywood Hills home (U.S.) For years I had been looking for a method to let the cats out but not let humans in. Especially after an unwanted human visitor. I sleep better now. I cannot recommend this product enough whether you have pets or not.
Art Weeks, Hollywood, CA
Hello. Just to show you some evidence of baboon tampering with our LockLatch windows. Fingerprints ! They couldn't get in. Yay LockLatch !
Wayne, George, South Africa.
Great thanks Steve. Just gotta say as well that your customer service is on the top of its game. Cracking after sale service. To think I had my lock off over 3 years ago now and you're still providing me with excellent service willing to help me out with new keys really does say a lot about your company. Speak to you later Steve. Thanks again.
James, Shropshire, UK
Hi Steve, Thanks for your email. The kit arrived today in the mail, thanks for a speedy delivery. The purpose of the item is to hold my front door securely ajar when I'm here. I live in a basement flat in a busy part of Central London which lacks ventilation so can get quite damp. My only viable options are to open the front door and tiny back window. The problem is that because the flat is so tiny my front door opens outward and is clearly visible from the street, but not from in the house, so opportunists could spot that. Your solution has now allowed me to fix the door, securely enough, to stop any opportunism, while giving me a ventilation solution. I fitted the PetLatch this afternoon really easily and have attached some photos. I used my own screws in case I need to move it at some point, in case you wonder why they're there in the photos. As you'll see, I needed the arm to reach around some draughtproofing, but I was able to fit the bracket a little further over on the door. All in all, I'm really pleased with it and it completely solves a problem I've been trying to solve for some time. Best of luck with it. Thanks
Matthew Spall, London.
I would fully recommend Locklatch to friends. The company kept me up to date at each stage of the order and helped me with advice about fitting. It fitted despite an insulation panel blocking the middle of the door. I am not a DIY guru but with a drill, hammer and screwdriver I finished the job in around fifteen minutes. I'd recommend watching the online video first. I think in retrospect, the Locklatch rather than Petlatch would have been more suitable as the gap is quite big for a cat even on the smaller setting. But the kind people there even offered to swap it for me. Good luck Locklatch and thanks for your product and support. Hopefully I'll get some sleep now and my cat can refrain from waking me at all hours of the day ;) bw
Alex, London, England.
The PetLatch arrived today and it is perfect thanks! As requested, here is a picture. Kind regards
Sue, Norfolk, England
Hi Steve As promised, here are pics of the lock latch that we installed on the garage door into the house. The kitty’s litter box is in the garage so we wanted to provide access for that as well as keep the entrance from the garage secure. We added the hook to the door to keep the latch from getting in the way of the door closing when we wanted to close the garage door into the house. It’s working awesome and it’s nice to know that the house is secure in the event the garage door actually goes up in the middle of the day or night. Thank you for the quick shipping and communication along the way! Best,
Lisa, Austin, Texas
Originally Tessie bought the PetLatch for her dog, but look who's using it now !!!! Thanks for the pics Tessie, they are great
Hi Steve ! Such a quality and useful product I just had fit it to all my windows at the "cottage". Kindest Regards
Georg Kukulies, Bathurst, Eastern Cape, South Africa
Good morning Steve Just wanted to say that it was bliss to have my bedroom window open last night and sleep knowing I didn't need to have one hand on half a broom handle that is next to my bed! My eldest Daughter, who is a Police Sergeant, has been telling me for ages that I needed a different form of protection!! So easy to fit, even though the sticky thing lost it's sticky and the lock fell out onto the porch roof below, so we had hysterics as I was hanging out trying to retrieve it as she held my feet!! Anyway, thank you very much. A very adaptable piece of kit, good quality, easy to fit, and most importantly, peace of mind. I am really pleased with it :-) Have a good day
Hi Steve, Please find attached a couple of photos. The LockLatch has been fantastic. I've just moved to a ground floor studio flat with only a garden door in the main room for ventilation, which obviously isn't very secure! So the LockLatch has allowed me to get some fresh air which has been hugely important, especially in the hot weather. Thanks,
Morning Steve, I hope you are well. I finally had the latches fitted a couple of days ago as it’s hot here now! They are an amazing invention. I live in a ground floor flat with no windows just doors. I now sleep soundly with a breeze. Thank you so much for all the help you have given me. Kind regard,
Sarah Steel
Thanks Steve order received and fitted. Photos attached. The locklatch is an effective and simple device which allows ventilation whilst maintaining security. fairly easy to fit as well. Very pleased. I also see that the device is advertised as preventing baboons entering the property and I can confirm that since fitting the device no baboons have entered my property on the Isle of Wight!
Gentlemen, Thank you so much for your attention to fulfilling my LockLatch request during this very difficult time. It has arrived, and I installed it this morning. It is just what I have needed for pet control in my home and was so easy to install. I wish you much success, good health, and happiness.
Patty Heasley Bethel Park, Pennsylvania, USA
Hi Steve, I have been looking everywhere for this fixture that does this job...thank you! It will be used on a second floor french bedroom door in our home. Please advise shipping for one Petlatch to British Columbia Canada at your convenience. Sincerely,
Debbie Charles
as requested, some photo's of your petlatch, installed on monday by a locksmith. feeling this secure around the house, it has given me a new lease of life while confined to my home most of the time. am no longer concerned about the pervert neighbour lurking around, the one who tried to install cctv in my house without my knowledge. the police couldn't do anything, so i reported him to them for the illegal guns he has shown some of our neighbours. never seen the police move so fast! admittedly i thought the price of the petlatch was phenomenal, but it is great quality, and will protect me for life. kind regards, and have a nice day.
Hi Steve, Sorry it took me so long to send them, but please find attached a few pictures of the installed PetLatch. It was really easy to install and is doing exactly what it is supposed to. Thanks very much. Regards,
Clint Wilson
Hi Steve, I finally installed the locklatches on our windows and they work perfectly! These are on our deck which will prevent burglars coming in.
Exactly what we were looking for. We have no windows in our bedroom, just the French Door. The wife wanted to feel more secure in leaving it open overnight for air flow, and so this is perfect
Jordan Drew, Victoria, BC, Canada
Hi, Got my lock, very impressed with the simple installation. Thanks for the great service and product! Regards,
Hi Steve As requested please find attached a photo of the fitted lock. Great bit of kit! Cheers
Hi Steve, As promised, here’s my brief of the outcome. The device arrived on Friday and was fitted by my neighbour/handyman earlier today. Personally, I’m a happy customer and it meets my expectations. In addition to the added security, it takes away worries of the door blowing shut > Lolly being locked out / stuck indoors without fresh air / doing his toilet business inside. I’ve also attached a few pictures. Let me know if you have any questions, happy to help. Best wishes,
Hi Steve Great Security , looks good , and easy to install . Thanks,
Rod Squire-Howe, Simon’s Town, South Africa
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