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Benefits of the LockLatch 

The LockLatch range consists of three products, the LockLatch, PetLatch and MiniLatch, and while all three security devices essentially work in the same way, they have nuanced differences, which translate to slightly different benefits. Read on to discover how these devices can make a positive difference in your life.


Perfect for Safe Ventilation, small Pets Access, as a Window Restrictor and Caravan, Motorhome and Boat Security.
LockLatch™ adjusts between 9cms to 17cms [3.6” to 6.7”]


The perfect Pet Door alternative for small to medium sized dogs.
PetLatch™ adjusts between 14.5cms to 23cms [5.7” to 9”]


Let fresh air in, keep opportunistic intruders out. Also good for keeping unwanted critters and animal pests out and indoor cats in.
MiniLatch™ adjusts between 4.5cms to 8cms [1.8” and 3.1”]

Open windows and doors, but locked

At their core, the LockLatch range are security devices that help secure your doors and windows, but where they differ from competitor door and window locks is that they allow you to lock your door or window in the open position. This means that you not only get a more secure home, but also improved ventilation, easy pet access, window safety and more.

C304 Stainless Steel

The toughness of the LockLatch devices comes from the strength of the material used in their construction. All three parts of the device are manufactured from tough, highly durable C304 stainless steel with a high tensile strength and resistance to corrosion. This means LockLatches are strong enough to withstand both the elements, and the intentions of opportunistic thieves.

Adjustable width 

One of the biggest benefits of the LockLatch range is the ability to adjust the size of the opening using the adjustable stainless steel arm. Whether you want a gap that’s large enough to let your dog come and go as they please, or one that’s small enough to keep your family safe from window falls, LockLatch gives you the ability to tailor the size of the gap to suit your needs.

Securing your home

The primary benefit of the LockLatch range is improved home security. Aside from avoiding the financial cost of a break in, a safer home also means improved peace of mind allowing you to feel less stressed and more relaxed in your space. After all, your home should be your castle, a place where you and your family can feel safe and secure.

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Pet access Alternative 

The range also works well as a pet access alternative to replace traditional cat flaps and dog doors. PetLatch is specifically designed to provide access for small to medium sized dogs and has many advantages over conventional dog doors. It doesn’t require the door to be cut or damaged, and the opening can be adjusted as your pet gets bigger meaning you only need one device from puppy to adult. Alternatively, if you are a cat owner you can use LockLatch to securely keep their favourite window open, which means there is no need for retraining. If you have an indoor cat, the MiniLatch product is the perfect way to leave your window open for fresh air, while ensuring your pet can’t get out.

No wind damage

Doors and windows can be severely damaged by wind and in these instances a LockLatch is a great way to keep them open, but not risk wind damage. Windows with inferior catches can slam, leading to broken glass, while doors that are repeatedly slammed or blown open can break at the hinges. There is also the chance of injury if a door slams with enough force. LockLatch completely removes these risks by fastening the door or window to its frame.

Upper floor safety restrictor 

Another benefit of the LockLatch is its use as a window safety restrictor. This is especially useful to families with young children who may be injured in a fall. LockLatch allows you to lock your upper floor windows to prevent unfortunate accidents.

Secure caravans and boats 

The LockLatch device was originally designed to secure boat hatches and doors and even though it has shown its versatility in homes around the world, it is still unmatched as a way to secure your boat or caravan. Both boats and caravans often have ventilation issues as well as require supplementary locks on highly specialised windows and doors and the versatility of LockLatch means that it is a perfect fit.

 Stop baboons and monkeys from entering your home 

If you live on the Cape Peninsula or in Kwazulu-Natal then you might be looking for a solution to clever monkeys or baboons accessing your property. LockLatch and MiniLatch are great ways to lock your windows in an open position and stop these wily primates from entering the home to steal food or damage your property.

Home ventilation  

Probably the biggest benefit of being able to leave your windows open is improved ventilation. Fresh air is essential to our health and wellbeing and improved access is always a good thing. Aside from the direct health benefits, improved ventilation also helps reduce the presence of moulds and allergens in your home. The LockLatch range provides a simple and cost-effective way to improve home ventilation today.

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Locklatch variations

The LockLatch range consists of three variants, LockLatch, MiniLatch and PetLatch. While all three share the same design and function in the same way, the key difference is their size and the gap you can achieve. The three sizes mean they can be used in a variety of specialised situations, making them a truly universal security solution.


The LockLatch can be adjusted to allow an opening of between 9 and 17 centimeters. This means it is extremely versatile and suited to most uses whether these are improved ventilation, small dog and cat access, or just adding an extra layer of security.


The PetLatch has a larger opening of between 14.5 and 23 centimeters, which makes it the perfect dog door alternative for small to medium-sized dogs and because the size of the opening can be adjusted as your dog grows.


The MiniLatch is the smallest window lock in the range and allows for an opening of between 4.5 and 8 centimeters between the footplates. This means the MiniLatch is best suited for keeping indoor pets inside; keeping monkeys and baboons out; or as a window restrictor to keep your family safe.

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