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A Cat Flap/ Dog Door Alternative

When it comes to providing (or restricting) access to your pet, then a cat flap or dog door may seem like the obvious choice, but it is important to consider your and your pet’s present and future needs before making your decision. Cat flaps and dog doors both come with drawbacks, such as difficult installation, the need to retrain your pet, and the risk of your pet outgrowing the door itself. The LockLatch range offers a range of solutions for pet owners looking for more options when it comes to access control. 

What is the PetLatch?

PetLatch is the largest product in the LockLatch range and, as the name suggests, was designed specifically with small to medium-sized dogs in mind. Like all devices in the range the PetLatch is first and foremost a security device and is constructed out of C304 stainless steel, but because it allows you to leave your door open, it can provide easy access for your pet. This makes it a great alternative to traditional dog doors for a number of reasons, which we will cover shortly.

Difference between LockLatch, Mini Latch and Pet Latch

All three devices that make up the LockLatch range have the same core design and function. They are security devices that allow you to keep your door or window both open and securely locked. This unique property means they provide a robust and secure alternative to traditional dog doors or cat flaps.


The LockLatch is the original, and most versatile of the three devices allowing an opening of between 9 – 17 cm. This makes it perfect for providing cat access through their favourite window. It is also suitable for small dogs. The best part is that because LockLatch is designed to fit any style of window or door, you can install it on your pet’s preferred entrypoint without having to retrain them. 

Mini Latch

While the LockLatch is great for helping your pets come and go, the MiniLatch, which opens to between 4.5 – 8cm, is instead designed to prevent access. Originally designed to keep monkeys and baboons out of the home, the MiniLatch works just as well at keeping indoor cats inside, while still allowing you to benefit from being able to keep a window open for fresh air despite your cat’s curious nature.

Pet Latch

The PetLatch has the largest opening of the three products allowing for a gap of between 14.5 – 23 cm. It was designed specifically as a dog door alternative for small to medium sized dogs. PetLatch can be quickly and simply installed on your dog’s favourite door, meaning they will be coming and going as they please in minutes. Because it can be adjusted to a width of 23cm between the footplates, you can increase the opening as your pet grows, giving you far more longevity than traditional solutions.

Benefits of using LockLatch products

One of the biggest shortcomings of traditional cat flaps and dog doors is the need to permanently damage your property by cutting a hole in the door. Because LockLatch installs in a few minutes on any type of door or window it doesn’t require the same costly installation. And because the devices are adjustable, they can be changed as your pet grows without you needing to replace them. On top of this you are also making the door or window more secure instead of less so. This versatility means that the LockLatch range isn’t just a good alternative to traditional options, but in many respects is the superior choice.

Keep pets happy and unwanted animals out

Fresh air can really go far in improving your pet’s health and general wellbeing and this translates into a happier pet. This is true for both indoor cats, who need access to fresh air in the home, and outside cats and dogs who may need access to the garden in the middle of the night. It is also the perfect solution for keeping pests out of the home, no matter if they are domestic or wild animals. As an added bonus, it also means more fresh air and better sleep for the pet owner. 

Cost-effective pet access 

When you consider the cost of high-quality cat or dog doors, the cost of installation and the damage to the door itself, it makes sense to look at the alternatives. Starting at R679, the LockLatch range provides a cost-effective alternative when it comes to pet access, and because it is a DIY product, there is no need to hire a handyman for installation. When you consider this with the unique adjustable design, it becomes clear that LockLatch is a truly versatile and affordable pet access solution.

Happy client installations

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  • Stops Opportunistic Theft
  • Allows Secure Pet Access


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  • Quick and easy to install yourself
  • Fasteners Included
  • Free Delivery for purchases of 3 or more units
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