South Africa Patent number 2014/09494 with patents and applications worldwide
Locklatch 100% Lifetime Guarantee


Made from high-grade C304 stainless steel with a satin finish it fits any door, window or hatch,
whichever way it opens and whatever it is made of.

LockLatch® is quality assured and comes with a lifetime guarantee.

Locklatch Lockable Latch
The U bolt allows for easy positioning on the door frame
Adjustable width
The Locking pin drops into the barrel in any of the 4 holes
Lockable with a key
Perfect for Safe Ventilation, small Pet Access, as a Window Restrictor, Boat Security and preventing Wind and Baboon damage.
LockLatch® adjusts between 9 to 17 cms
Perfect for larger Pet Access
PetLatch® adjusts between 14.5 to 23cms
Keep monkeys and other wild animals out, but let fresh air in.
MiniLatch® adjusts between 4.5 to 8cms
  • Benefits

  • Securing your home.

    LockLatch® security latches offer a new layer of improved door and window security to stop opportunistic theft so that you and your family can live in safety and sleep peacefully at night.

  • Stop Theft

    LockLatch® stops opportunistic theft so that you and your family can live in safety and sleep peacefully at night.

  • Doggy Door & Cat Flap Alternative

    LockLatch® is an excellent and less expensive alternative to a cat flap or doggie door. Securing any door including a glass sliding door or any window open with Locklatch allows easy access for cats or smaller dogs.

  • Child Safety Window Lock

    LockLatch® keeps your children safe. It acts as a window restrictor which stops children falling from windows.

  • Stop Wind Damage

    LockLatch® prevents windows and doors from slamming and being damaged by the wind.

  • Stop Baboons and Monkeys

    LockLatch® stops baboons and monkeys from vandalising your house.

  • Boats & Caravans

    LockLatch® can be used for the safe and secure ventilation of boats and caravans. In fact LockLatch was invented by Anthony Bairos while he was sailing off the coast of Brazil.

  • Features

  • Secure Windows Open

    LockLatch® makes the perfect lock for open windows. Locking the bar in place acts as a window stay or window restrictor for any standard opening or sliding window. This allows for the ventilation of fresh air whilst keeping your windows open but secure.

  • Secure Doors Open

    LockLatch®’s door latch allows you to leave any door partially open but locked. Our product offers a cost effective solution when securing any door including a patio door or sliding door.

  • Fits any Door or Window

    LockLatch® fits all aluminium, steel, PVC and wooden windows and doors with an adjustable 9 – 17 cm gap for LockLatch and 14.5cms to 23cms for PetLatch to suit your needs.

  • Lifetime Guarantee

    LockLatch® is made from high-grade C304 toughened stainless steel that’s hacksaw and rust resistant and comes with a lifetime guarantee.

  • Quick and easy to install.

    LockLatch® is a true DIY product, it’s easy to install and should take you no more than 15 minutes. All you’ll need is a drill and screw driver or pop rivet gun. View installation instructions

  • Fasteners Included

    For your convenience, we include one-way screws and pop rivets with every LockLatch® we deliver.

  • Colour Match

    LockLatch® is very easy to spray paint in any colour you wish. So it’s easy to match the colour of your frame or home interior.

  • Free Delivery

    LockLatch® is delivered free to to your home, office or post box anywhere in South Africa for orders of 3 or more units. More on delivery.

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