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LockLatch® FAQs

Read on for anything you need to know about LockLatch™ and if you have any more questions, please contact us.

  • What is the largest possible gap?

    For standard installations, the largest possible gap is 17 cms. However if you mount LockLatch® on the outside of the frame, a gap of 21cms can be achieved. Use PetLatch® if you want a gap of 14.5 to 23cms or more if mounted on the outside of the frame as shown in these photographs. MiniLatch® gives an adjustable gap between 4.5 and 8cms.
  • What is the smallest gap?

    MiniLatch® - 4.5cms, allowing ventilation but still keeping monkeys and baboons out. LockLatch® - 9cms, perfect for ventilation. PetLatch® - 14.5cms, allowing access in and out for your home for small pets.
  • Is LockLatch® adjustable?

    Yes, LockLatch® can be adjusted to anywhere between 9cms and 17 cms. PetLatch® can be adjusted between 14.5 to 23cms. MiniLatch™ can be adjusted between 4.5 and 8cms.
  • Can I use LockLatch® for my cat/small dog to get in and out through an open but locked door or window?

    Yes, LockLatch™ is the perfect solution for this and many customers buy LockLatch™ for this very reason.
  • Can I use LockLatch® to stop my windows and doors banging in the wind?

    Yes, by locking an open window or door in position, LockLatch® prevents wind damage.
  • Can I use LockLatch® to stop baboons and monkeys trashing my house?

    Yes, many homes and guesthouse use LockLatch® and MiniLatch® for this purpose.
  • Is LockLatch® approved by insurance companies?

    Both Mutual and Federal and Hollard "Burglar Bars need to be installed in front of the unprotected windows, alternatively Hollard accepts the Lock Latch in front of the swivel windows" have approved LockLatch®. However we do suggest customers check with their own insurance brokers and underwriters.
  • Can LockLatch® be used as well as burglar bars.

    Yes, in fact adding LockLatch® adds an additional layer of security and makes it difficult for a burglar to open a window wide enough to break out, or saw through your burglar bars.
  • Can LockLatch® be used to lock a window or door in the closed position?

    Yes, as long as one of the footplates is mounted 8cms in from the frame.
  • How will you deliver my LockLatch® to me?

    We usually deliver with Fastway door to door. However if you live in a remote are we may need to send with Speed Service Couriers who are remarkably good, or by registered post.
  • Is delivery free?

    Yes, for purchases of 3 or more units, but the cost is R75 only for 1 or 2 units for delivery anywhere in South Africa. But, if you live outside SA, we can still deliver your LockLatch® noting we'll give you a quote for approval first.
  • How long does delivery take?

    Depending on where you live delivery will take 3 to 5 days from receipt of your order.
  • What is your refund and returns policy?

    If you're not happy with your LockLatch™, PetLatch™ or MiniLatch™ simply return it to us, unused and in its original packaging, for a full product refund
  • What are your bank account details for direct bank transfer?

    Account Name: Locklatch Retail
    Account Number: 10011746418
    Bank: Investec
    Branch Name: Grayston Drive
    Branch Code: 580105
  • What is LockLatch® made from?

    Toughened C304 stainless steel with a satin finish, making it rust and hacksaw resistant. It’s also easy to spray paint with paint available from your local hardware store.
  • Is LockLatch® guaranteed?

    Yes, there is a lifetime guarantee, so if anything goes wrong, just return it to us and we'll replace it free of charge or refund your money.
  • How should I care for my LockLatch®

    LockLatch products are made from C304 stainless steel and are rust resistant. So from time to time we recommend that you wipe them down with some diluted washing up liquid or similar. And for more comprehensive care instructions please see pdf here.
  • What's the difference between LockLatch®, PetLatch® and MiniLatch®?

    A lot of our customers are using LockLatch® for pet access. LockLatch® is fine for all domestic cats, but some dog owners need a slightly bigger opening. So, due to popular demand we've developed the slightly longer PetLatch™ which gives an opening adjustable between 14.5 to 23cms. MiniLatch™ gives an adjustable gap between 4.5 and 8cms and has been developed for homes with monkey and baboon problems. MiniLatch™ allows you to keep your windows or doors open for ventilation, whilst keeping them out!
  • Can I fit LockLatch® to an Aluminium Window/Door?

    Yes, LockLatch® fits any window or door whatever it's made of and whichever way it opens.
  • Can I fit LockLatch® to wooden Window/Door?

    Yes, LockLatch® fits any window or door whatever it's made of and whichever way it opens.
  • Can I use LockLatch® on my boat to secure the hatches?

    Yes, this use led to the invention of LockLatch®.
  • Can I use LockLatch® on my caravan to secure the doors and windows?

    Yes, LockLatch® works on all doors and windows.
  • Can a thief break through a LockLatch®?

    Yes, a determined thief with a plan of action and the right tools will break through a LockLatch™, but, that said, a determined thief will break through anything. LockLatch® is meant as a deterrent to prevent opportunistic theft.
  • Is LockLatch® available in stores?

    No, as the inventor, manufacturer and retailer, we operate online so place your order via our secure payment gateways and we'll deliver to your door by courier.

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