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7 Must-Have Boat Accessories

May 9, 2016

As many boating experts will tell you, there are certain things that you can not live without while at sea and when docked. They may seem simple, but these boat gear items are not only vital for safety, but also for comfort and boat security. For new boat owners and seasoned sailors alike, we’ve collected and put together a list of  must-have boat accessories and items to get you started or to keep you in check.


1: Your Tool Kit

If your boat doesn’t have a designated tool kit or box, get one! It’s important to always have the basic tools – screwdrivers, duct tape, wrenches, spark plug removers, a knife, a spare prop and prop wrench, and some pliers with you at all times. Quite often we share tools with our home toolboxes, which means there is a chance that we could set sail without them. Which may leave us stranded if something goes wrong, such as hitting a rock or submerged log with your boat on the open water.


2: Cable Ties

Cable ties are a must-have boating accessory. These trusty ties are a sailor’s best friend and can be used to get you out of a multitude of sticky situations or when equipment breaks – such as securing reels to rods if they break off for any reason.  


3: Latches to Increase Boat Security

Beef up your boat security system beyond wireless alarm systems.  Both equally important for ventilation and security, don’t leave port without your faithful LockLatch – a perfect boat accessory. This will allow you to keep windows and hatches open, but locked. Which means if you’re docking somewhere where you are unsure of the security, you will be able leave your boat unattended without having to lock everything up.


4: A Compass

Batteries fail and malfunctions happen, which means you should always have an alternative to your GPS and electronic navigational systems.  A hand-held compass is definitely one of your must-have boating accessories and you shouldn’t set sail without it.


5: A Fire Extinguisher

Fire on a boat spells disaster, and having the right – working – fire extinguisher is a must. The most common fires on a boat are either electrical (Type C) or fuel/oil (Type B) fires, which means you should invest in a good quality Co2 extinguisher to ensure boat safety. If you already have one, don’t forget to have it professionally checked and tested at the start of a new boating season.


6: Blankets

And lots of them! If you’re unlucky enough to be out on the water and experience engine failure, fast-drying blankets as part of your boat gear arsenal will be your saving grace. Temperatures can drop quite quickly overnight, and being prepared is key! Opt for lighter, synthetic material blankets that are easier to store and get dry quickly if they get wet.


7: Waterproof Case and Bags

For phones, equipment and documents – waterproof cases and bags that float are super important. You never know when your boat will take on water or worse case capsize, which makes waterproof boxes one of the top boating accessories.    


There you have it, 7 must-have boat accessories. Also, don’t forget your sunblock, hat and medical aid kits. If you have some tips on which accessories are must-have for boat security and safety, we would love to hear from you! Comment below or email us at



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