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7 Home Security Tips That Cost Nothing

November 18, 2015


  1. JOIN your Neighbourhood Watch and local WhatsApp Group. Neighbourhood Watches have been a great source of information for SAPS and Security Service Providers. And when used properly, WhatsApp Groups allow for the quick communication of any criminal or suspicious behavior to help prevent burglary.


  1. REPORT any suspicious behavior or vehicles to your Security Provider, Neighbourhood Watch, or WhatsApp group. If criminals know you are aware they tend to move on.


  1. MARKERS: Remove any ‘out-of-place’ objects outside your home i.e. bottles, match boxes, scratches on the ground etc. Criminals will often use scouts to screen your area prior to an intrusion. Also, if you find any out-of-place objects be extra alert.


  1. STREET PEOPLE: It’s a good idea not to put out food, recycling materials and so on. Rather support your local shelter and visit your recycle center. The fewer people you have on your street the easier it will be to identify criminals.


  1. DON’T ADVERTISE: by throwing the empty box from your new TV set or other expensive electronics and so on.


  1. PROTECT: Your property and family by arming your alarm system, even at night. Use multiple layers of home security products rather than one or two methods only. Also outdoor devices and burglar deterrents are a particularly good means of early warning.


  1. SWITCH ON YOUR OUTDOOR LIGHTS AT NIGHT: Criminals are less likely to consider close quarter surveillance of well lit properties and it’s more difficult to see inside the house if the outside lights are on. During the day, consider closing your curtains to hide valuable items from sight.


If you have any ideas on DIY home security, tips on how to prevent home burglaries or how to “think like a criminal to stop a criminal” please send your suggestions to Lock Latch, and we’ll publish and credit the author.


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